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Glamour collections and cutting-edge technologies for beautiful and well-kept legs


Solidea has worked extensively on searching for premium quality yarns and materials, constant technological innovation and ongoing quality control.  This has led to a revolution in the concept of elastic stockings by offering fashion collections of graduated compression stockings and tights that marry the well-being of the legs and the effective prevention of circulatory diseases with the elegance, softness and perfect fit of fashionable and refined garments, available in a wide range of models, patterns and colours.

More and more people, and increasingly younger people, are suffering from superficial or deep venous diseases,  due in part to widespread errors:  a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, mistaken diets.  A healthy and balanced lifestyle is essential for health and well-being in general.   But sometimes daily life sets rhythms and behaviours that lead us to neglect this.
Wearing graduated compression stockings is an excellent way, without negative side-effects and at a low cost, to prevent the onset of serious diseases and to protect the well-being and beauty of your legs.
Discover trendy by Solidea prevention!
But while it is important to protect your legs this does not mean that you have to give up on  wearing an accessory that has become a key feature of any outfit.  Just leaf through the Solidea Catalogue to find the right proposals for all tastes, occasions and needs.
Wearing graduated compression stockings and tights is no longer a mortification, but rather a simple and pleasant daily gesture that maintains your well-being and prevents venous insufficiency without having to forego your own style.