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Solidea, among the premium raw materials that compose its products, introduces a microfiber that invigorates your body and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

FIR Therapeutic Technology

mineral additive in the yarn converts the thermal energy of the human body into FIR and reflects them in skin tissues. The mild heat emitted by the fibers invigorates the body and helps prevent the appearance of cellulite.

A lab test performed by a certified agency confirms FIR emissivity equal to 0.9 out of a maximum emissivity of 1.
In addition repeated washings of the garment do not diminish the effectiveness of the technology.

The energizing process converts the natural thermal energy of the human body into infrared rays (Far Infrared Rays – FIR) and reflects them in skin tissue to create a pleasant temperature-control effect, keeping body temperature constant. Your body benefits by gaining in tone, vigor and appearance.

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