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Quality & Certifications

Logo SQSSOLIDEA products are of the highest quality, thanks to continuous research for the most premium materials, qualified and cutting-edge production processes, ongoing product quality control and efficient and innovative customer service. SOLIDEA offers product lines that have become trendy and suit the expectations of a demanding and attentive worldwide clientele. SOLIDEA, is a CE Certified trademark and Calzificio Pinelli has an ISO 9001 certification to guarantee an exclusive line of stockings and tights with special performance characteristics that meet specific requirements. All products of the SOLIDEA collection come with OEKO-TEX certificates that guarantee the non-toxic nature of the chemicals used in the dyeing process.

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The CE mark is a mark that must be applied to certain types of products from the same manufacturer that it self-certifies the compliance with the essential requirements for the marketing and use in the European Union. SOLIDEA pantyhose are certified as Class 1 medical devices and play a preventative and curative function for insufficient venous disorders.




Safety is the main concern. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 testing and certification system is granted by the International Association of Textile Research and Test Institutes and represents both the added value of SOLIDEA as well as a guarantee for our customers. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifies the textile is absent of substances that may be carcinogenic, allergenic, irritant, and harmful to human health. It is therefore the most important label in the textile industry.




The Sanitized® hygiene function is integrated into the textiles. Sanitized® acts like a built-in deodorant and fights the development of perspiration odour and keeps the textile fresher for longer. The Sanitized® hygiene function effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, even during heavy perspiration and brings more comfort and well-being into your everyday life.


bacteriostaticThere is a unique yarn that we use in some of our products: bacteriostatic yarn with silver ions.

“Bacteriostatic” means that it keeps bacterial flora at natural levels without impoverishing and attacking like a bactericide but at the same time preventing bacteria that are harmful to skin health from proliferating.

This surprising result comes from the SILVER IONS, an additive that is a part of this yarn and that is constantly and PERMANENTLY released. We can in fact guarantee the permanence of this singular characteristic until the very end of the garment's life.

When you wear garments containing this type of yarn you have a pleasing and long-lasting sensation of cleanliness and freshness. In fact, another characteristic of the bacteriostatic yarn is that it prevents the formation of bad odours.

SOLIDEA has translated this characteristic into a customized trademark that you will find on our packages: BACTERIOSTATIC, our personal guarantee of the exceptional hygiene qualities of our products.


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